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ArtFazenda is an institution of a cultural exchange between contemporary art and traditional crafts. It aims to promote local values of different European regions to save cultural diversity and open it to global citizens. It is a new format of pop-up residences. ArtFazenda is in a search of new experiences that can expand artistic optics, result in new forms and aesthetics.


  • residency programs;
  • exhibitions.

ArtFazenda is open for cooperation with cultural centers, educational institutions and optionally with private tourists who would like to experience the region.

Past Experience


Artfzenda, Valencia

Summer Residence 2017 hosted two promising young artists: Myriam Moreno from Valencia and Robin Lopvet from Paris.

Guests Artists Myriam Moreno and Robin Lopvet, with the support of ArtMade Studio, collaborated on Project „Portable Art”. „Portable Art” is a series of contemporary jewelries thought up by Myriam Moreno (Valencia) from items design by the French artist and photographer Robin Lopvet (Paris).

Also, Art Fazenda with the support of Art Made studio launched a new interior textile collection. The collection called „Dermis” has been entirely realized with the participation of Myriam Moreno’s contemporary art works and local traditional manufactory „Vives and Mary”.

On July 28th two projects were presents to professionals during a roundtable held by Artfazenda/Artmade with the support of EASD (High School of Art and Design). As guests were Honorary Consul of Russian Federation Ramon Conges, Juanvi Aznar Soler and Javier Saez Cotino, from „Vives and Mari”, Antonio Sanchez García, deputy and director of the EASD, Claudia Martinez and Marisol Salanova. Esperanza Pascual, a jewelery artist, Kasia Nagorska, curator of contemporary art, Xavier Giner Ponce, former school director and Alejandro Serrano Sierra, as press spokesperson, also attended the roundtable discussion.


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Artists in residence May 2015 Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, bio-art, Arkadiy Nasonov, conceptual artist.

Moscow contemporary artists were invited to communicate with regional traditions of Valencia. They visited ceramical studio of Gimeno, had lively dialogues with curators of IVAM Museum and collectioners, visited private collection of INELCOM and museum store rooms to learn more about inner organisation of it.

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov made a bio-art installation in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia.

05/2015 Valencia, City of Sciences and Arts

«Metamorphosis» installation by russian contemporary artist Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, bio-art.

06/2015 Barviha, Moscow

«Bagatelle». Memorable symbols in simple things. From travel to France. Ceramic. Painting on ceramic. Artists — Marina Stepanova-Lanskaya, Sonia Israel.


In 2014 Art Fazenda opened its doors for the first residents. There were held two programs in Valencia region.

  • regional cultures for a wide range of cultural workers;
  • ceramics for professionals.

Strategic partners:
La Ceramica Valenciana de Jose Gimeno
Centro de Artesania Comunitat Valenciana

09/2014 Valencia

«Casa Rusa»

Centro de Artesania Valencia.

Residence introduced to audience exposition of decorative works made some of the best masters from Moscow, showing the distinctive character and original technique.

Traditional painting, glass and ceramics, possibility to communicate with artists, all that aroused big public interest.

05/2014 Moscow

Presentation of Art Fazenda Residence.

Residents meeting, communication, exposition of works, expirience exchange.