Art should define the finer things in life
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Be different. Think art.

Who we are:

ART MADE is an intermediary between artists and society. We are redefining the place of art in our life: it is no longer limited by museums or gallery walls, we make it available for those who want to escape the ordinary. ARTMADE is an editions and multiples project specialising in commissioning and producing original contemporary art. We publish in limited editions interior design objects conceived by contemporary artists. Production results from a collaboration between traditional or modern artisans, manufactures and the artist himself. We also assist companies by conducting all the creative aspect of their project. ARTMADE hosts on regular basis workshops in ARTFAZENDA, our Residence. Contemporary artists and traditional artisans gather and experiment various forms of artistic projects.




Why Art:

High prices and prestige of contemporary art, high demand and general interest influence fashion and set trends in design. The use of contemporary art gives a certain character to any project and demonstrates the excellence of choice and the original vision of it's owner.

What we do:

ART MADE offers a cooperational environment in order to bring art in our lives. We curate a large segment of projects from tee-shirt prints to broadcasted decoration.

Whether you are looking for an original drawing to put on your souvenir bag, to design a book cover or to decorate your work-space we will perform it by bringing a unique touch of art.

What you get:

The unique result is undeniable. Rather than following someone else’s established system of tastes, involve an art approach and influence the world today with your own vision and values. A good bonus would be the worldwide recognition of an artist discovered by you.

Our offers

„Ready-to-Art” products

  • Porcelain, ceramic plates & panno
  • T-shirts & Sweat-shirts
  • Prints

Collaboration between your Brand and Art

  • Textile: clothes & accessories
  • Art table: dinner sets, tea sets, plates
  • Art home: decorative objects

Your individual project

  • Decoration & Wall painting
  • Company logo and corporative style
  • Pop-up decoration

How does it work

Step 1: Initiation

Fill in the project identity card or contact us in order to define the global idea of your project. During the first meeting express your wishes, describe your needs and the expected result.

Step 2: Planning

This step will define the conceptual, timing and budgetary aspects of your project including the preliminary selection of the artist that will participate to the realization of your project. By the end of this step we will formalize our final offer.

Step 3: We have a deal

Once agreed on costs, time and result the project takes shape. The final goal is to bring you a tailor made creative solution that suits you best.